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Our Team

Sean Cheverie

Pharmacist - Owner

Sean is the Pharmacist-Owner at both Amherst Pharmasave and Wright's Pharmasave.  Wright's Pharmasave was purchased in 1999 and Amherst Pharmasave was built from the ground up in December of 2001, and is already enjoying its 10th Year Anniversary. After many years as a Pharmacist, Sean realized there was more he could do to customize a store to the Amherst Community, having lived in Amherst for over 16 years. Amherst Pharmasave quickly grew from that inspiration, applying his Pharmacy knowledge, his Business and Management experience, and love of the community. The store continues to grow, after several expansions! Sean attributes his successes to a very loyal and dedicated staff which has translated into superior customer service.

Sean received his Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from Dalhouise University. When not at either location, Sean loves to spend time with his family, camping in the summer, skiing in the winter.  Sean enjoys travelling with the family whether it be somewhere warm and sunny or to the nearest hockey rink.

Bart Butler

GM - Owner

Bart and Sean both co-own Amherst Pharmasave and Wright’s Pharmasave, enjoying their business partnership. He loves the activity of the stores, where “something is always going on,” and there’s never a dull moment. He is proud of the growth of the Amherst location, considering the competition in the area, and is excited to see the ideas that he and Sean implement come to fruition on a daily basis. “It’s always rewarding to see your hard work paying off - not always right away, but in time.”

Bart’s a graduate in Retail Management from Holland College, and when not working at the store, can be found at the local golf course, or boating.


Pharmacist - Pharmacy Manager

Alison is also a Pharmacist at Amherst Pharmasave, and loves being a Health Professional in the medical field, as helping people is her passion. She has great joy in working with the customers at the pharmacy, always happy to see familiar faces. She credits her fellow staff members for keeping the job interesting as well – there’s never a dull moment on either side of the counter!

Alison received her Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from Dalhousie University in 1985. With no end of hobbies, Alison keeps herself busy with her dogs, cooking, sewing, skiing and… shopping!



Bob first began at Amherst Pharmasave in 2006, and continues in the role of Pharmacist to this day. He enjoys the community clinic atmosphere of the pharmacy, allowing him to interact directly with the customers. Nothing pleases him more than to know each customer by name and build rapport with them over time.

Bob received his Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from Dalhousie University in 1976. Outside of work, you’ll find on a local trail, or swimming. 


Pharmacy Technician / Home Health Care

Heather’s been a valued Pharmacy Technician at Amherst Pharmasave since 2001. “I love the people,” she says, both her co-workers and the loyal customers at the store. She particularly enjoys her role in the Home Health Care department, always making someone feel better when she can custom fit a product for them, or finds just the right aid they need. She knows her hard work is helping improve a customer’s quality of life.

You can also see Heather at the Drive-Thru pharmacy.


Pharmacy Technician

Lindsay likes to keep busy, which makes being a Pharmacy Technician at Amherst Pharmasave perfect for her. She’s been with the pharmacy since 2005, and enjoys “everything” as she puts it, especially working close by the doctors next door.  Lindsay's primary responsibilities include both Long Term Care and At Home Care Specialized Medication Packaging.

Lindsay completed the Pharmacy Technician course at Business Success College in Truro, NS. She’s also an avid reader, likes to sew interesting fashions, scrapbooking, and volunteer work – something she’s passionate about. 


Pharmacy Technician / Compounding

Along with her role as Pharmacist Technician, Tracy also performs most of the Compounding at Amherst Pharmasave. She's been with the store since July of 2003, and is difficult to find her without a smile. She says 'no two days are alike," always keeping each day interesting and enjoyable.

Tracey received her Pharmacy Technician diploma from Success Business College in Truro, and volunteers with 4H, is the Community President of Linden Community Organization, and loves to spend time with her 2 kids. 


Pharmacy Technician

Melissa is also a Pharmacy Technician, and has been with the Amherst Pharmasave team since 2007. She is always amused by her fellow workers in the pharmacy, who also keep her on her toes! She enjoys the personal and relational interaction with the customers, helping them to feel more than just a prescription, but a valued person deserving exceptional heath care service.

Melissa is a Pharmacy Technician graduate from Oulton's Business College. When not spending time with family and friends, she also likes to read, and knit. 


Front Store Manager

James is the Front Store Manager at Amherst Pharmasave, from the opening in 2001. He loves the Amherst community and his “incredible” team as he describes them. Always on the go, enjoying the fast paced environment and constant change that comes with a 15,000 sq. ft. store that continues to see growth each year.  

James is an avid musician, both a singer and songwriter. You’ll always find him active in the community, volunteering & sharing his talents at various functions.



Front Store / Cashier

Louise works Front Store and as Cashier, and although she calls herself the 'gofer', everyone else calls her the loving 'mother' of the store. "Everyone knows and loves Louise," they say, "She takes care of us all." Louise has been with Amherst Pharmasave since the beginning, but also had a long history working with  Sean and Bart even before the store was established. 

She works just as hard outside Amherst Pharmasave too, volunteering her time, and is President of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. She also loves to read, garden, and always bakes treats for her fellow employees! 



Since 2004, Tiffany has worked as Receiver at Amherst Pharmasave. She likes the fast pace; that there's always something to do, and the diversity of the job which keeps her constantly ready for whatever comes next. Keeping product flowing into the store and organized is serious business, but you'll always find Tiffany with a smile on her face, and keeping the mood light with her fellow co-workers. 

When not loading in new product, Tiffany loves to camp, 4-Wheeling, snowmobiling, and anything else she can do in the great outdoors.


Pharmacist - Pharmacist Manager

Lisa has been a valued Pharmacist of Wright’s Pharmasave since 2006, and is also the Pharmacist Manager. No stranger to a challenge, Lisa’s keen sense of organization and administration allow her to orchestrate the Pharmacy as she feels best – aided by her excellent staff and resulting in superb service for Wright’s customers. She loves the people of Parrsboro and takes great pride in knowing she’s making a difference in the community.

Lisa graduated from the Pharmacy program at Dalhousie University. She’s also known in the pharmacy as the ‘crazy cat woman’ for her love of cats (you guessed it!)  She enjoys a good evening of reality TV, reading, and any type of creative craft work. 



Graydon Nickerson originally owned Wright’s Pharmasave before being purchased by Sean Cheverie in 1999. He originally bought the store from the famous P.W.Wright in 1965, of which the pharmacy is named after. Graydon still provides Pharmacist services to the store and enjoys be able to remain active in the Parrsboro community in this way. In fact, many customers still come on Saturdays specifically to be helped by Graydon.  

Known as the ‘gadget man’ Graydon is always found with 5 or more gadgets attached to his person at any one time – head lamps, pedometers, cell phones and more! 


Pharmacy Technician

Since 2002, Barb has worked as a Pharmacist Technician at Wright's Pharmasave. She enjoys getting to know each of the customers by name, and understanding their history and ‘what makes them tick!’  Equally so, she loves her co-workers and enjoys the witty comradery between them – always keeping each day interesting and humorous. She appreciates that Wright’s Pharmacy always puts customers first, is always professional, and is the ‘best place to work in town’.

Barb graduated from the Success Business College in Truro, and has obtained her Pharmasave Pharmacy Technicians Training Program certificate. She’s also a certified Compression Stocking Fitter.

Outside of work, Barb indulges herself in her family – and can never get enough of them! She also likes to read, and travel when the opportunity arises.  


Pharmacy Technician

Robert is a recent addition to the Pharmacy Technician team, having begun at Wright's Pharmasave in May 2011. He’s a home town boy, growing up in Parrsboro, and wouldn’t consider moving anywhere else. Loved by his fellow co-workers, Robert holds his own against his witty fellow pharmacy technicians, and is always one to keep the mood light.

Robert received his Pharmacy Technician Diploma from the Nova Scotia Community College. Outside of the pharmacy, he’s an avid watcher of only ‘good and worthwhile’ television series…  


Front Store Manager

Always up for a new challenge, Janette operates as Front Store Manager for Wright’s Pharmasave, and has been with the store since 1999. “Each day is a different experience,” Janette says, and loves the diversity of all the roles she’s able to juggle at once – pricing, receiving, ordering, and helping with each customer request.

When away from the store, Janette relaxes with a good book, tends her garden, and spends time with her family. 

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